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Information To Help Small Business Owners

Small business owners often have a running list of things to do. These include deadlines, sales calls, employee issues, banking, advertising – and taxes. The IRS can help with the last one.

Here are seven resources to help small businesses owners with common topics:

  • Looking at the Big Picture: 
    The Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center brings information on to one common place.


  • Organizing Tasks: 
    The IRS Tax Calendar for Businesses and Self-Employed helps  owners stay organized. It includes tax due dates and actions for each month. Users can subscribe to calendar reminders or import the calendar to their desktop or calendar on their mobile device.


  • Searching for Topics: 
    The A-to-Z Index for Business helps people easily find small business topics on


  • Getting Information by Email: 
    Small business owners can sign up for e-News for Small Businesses. The free, electronic service gives subscribers information on deadlines, emerging issues, tips, news and more. 


  • Watching Videos: 
    The IRS Video Portal offers learning events and informational videos on many business topics.


  • Finding Forms: 
    The Small Business Forms and Publications page helps business owners find the documents they need for the type of business they own. It lists tax forms, instructions, desk guides and more.

S-Corporations: What you Need to Know

What do I need to do to create an LLC & what are the required tax filings?


* Note that state requirements may apply. 

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