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You get a lot when you file online. With our SecureFilePro website you can: 

  • File taxes online from any device – a fast and easy way to upload your tax information. Just upload your W-2's and other tax documents.

  • Safeguard sensitive documents – Don’t risk sending confidential documents by email! By using your login information, view and manage your documents at your convenience.

  • Easy to use – SecureFilePro is web-based, and works with just about any browser and computer. Uploading and downloading is made simple and quick.

  • Top of the line security – the site and your files are always protected by tough, industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secured and files are encrypted for all uploads and downloads.

  • Take a picture of your documents – upload a clear photo of your documents straight from your phone.

You can also fax (718) 591-1826 or mail your documents.  Please call our office for more information. 

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